Steve Grandinetti

Heart Of Me - Steve Grandinetti

- 18 song CD

An eclectic mix of genres all written and performed by Steve Grandinetti from jazz to blues, rock to reggae, country and instrumental. Organic, heartfelt and fun!

Jonjano' Baro' - Steve Grandinetti

- 12 song CD

Steve's first solo album is a fun mix of blues, rock, funk, country, reggae and instrumental.

Only Love Is Real by Steve Grandinetti

- 19 song CD

Steve's third solo album with 18 original songs and 1 live track is a fun mix of blues, rock, funk, Latin, ballads, and instrumentals. An enjoyable ride. all songs written, produced, and performed by Steve.

My American Heart by Steve Grandinetti

- 23 track CD concept album

This is the 4th album from Steve Grandinetti and definitely his strongest and most cohesive effort to date. 23 tracks with 17 new originals, a drum trilogy and other surprises. My American Heart is a tour de force with strong songs and words-- funk, spoken word, blues, rock, instrumentals and more. IF YOU ONLY GET ONE OF HIS ALBUMS-- THIS IS THE ONE TO GET!